About Masalawaala

Masalawaala is the delicious idea of Nimisha Chotai – a lover of incredible, authentic Indian food and of cooking it too. When her first child arrived 16 years ago, she lost one of the key ingredients needed to make delicious curries from scratch – time! Rather than using jars of sauces or pastes (which never tasted homemade or authentic), she wanted create a simple solution & bring back traditional Indian cooking that tasted homemade but effortless. And so Masalawaala was born, providing everyone with all the spices & key ingredients they needed to produce their own unique and delicious Indian cuisine in minutes. Indian culture is all about family and spreading that sense of togetherness. It’s about having a sense of community spirit, happiness and love. Not only do we want you to feel that too, but we want you to be able to create it and share it with the people you are closest to. So whether you’re enjoying one of our delicious spice mixes or stunning meal kits, just know that they were made with love, to satisfy your taste buds, your hunger and your families. Masalawaala, authentic cooking made easy.