Classic Mix

A classic Indian curry is the most common delicacy on the Indian subcontinent. Specially selected whole spices, delicately cooked very slowly, gives this curry its distinctive warming aroma and authentic taste. Masalawaala’s classic curry mix helps you create this delicious curry at home in one easy step, using your favourite protein or vegetables.


And authentic ready to cook spice mix infused with aromatic ground spices creating a beautiful warming curry



  • Onion, Chilli, Salt, Garlic, Tomato Powder, Corn Starch, Sugar, Coriander,
  • Cumin, Black Pepper, Refined Sunflower Oil, Star Anise, Clove, Mint Leaves,
  • Turmeric,Black Cardamom, Cassia, Green Cardamom.


Per 100gPer Serving (12g)
Energy (kj/Kcal)1582 / 378316 / 76
Fat (g)10.502.10
of which saturated fat (g)2.200.44
Carbohydrates (g)59.0011.80
of which sugar (g)33.206.64
Protein (g)12.002.40
Salt (g)9.001.80

All you need:

  • 500g your favorite protein (eg. Chicken/Paneer/Tofu) or vegetables

  • Masalawaala Classic Curry Mix (80g)

  • 500ml water

1 Simple Step:

In a pan:

Add Masalawala Classic Curry Mix, water and your favorite protein/vegetables. Stir and heat until cooked through and the sauce is rich and thick (approx 20 minutes)

In a microwave:  

In a microwave safe bowl add masalawala Classic Curry Mix, water and your favorite protein/vegetables, stir well and cover with lid. Cook on micro 900W for 10 minutes, stir again and cook for another 10 minutes.

Microwave oven may vary, Cooking time may need to be adjusted accordingly.

Serve piping hot with rice or naan.

Our Tips:

Add a tablespoon of kasoori methi (dried fenugreek leaves) to add a distinct aromatic taste.

Make a delicious spicy egg curry by simply making the curry sauce and adding boiled eggs.

Want a hot and spicy marinade? Simply at the spice mix to some oil and marinate your chosen protein/vegetable then grill/oven cook.

Garnish with a handful of freshly chopped coriander